Benefits of Taking a Summer Vacation

Why you should take a summer vacation We know we’re not the first people to say this: we love summer vacation! That’s why we’re in the vacation rental business in the first place, offering families, friends, loved ones and even their pets the chance to get together for fun-loved summer memories. But did you know that taking a summer vacation has even more benefits than just fun?

Here are just a few to keep in mind:

Summer Vacation is Good for Your Health

Less stress. Less chance of heart disease. Increased happiness. Increased weight loss. Less chance of disease, or illness. Better sleep. Don’t believe us? Just ask a doctor. Studies have shown this all to be true if you regularly take a summer vacation. So, what are you waiting for?

Summer Vacation is Good for Your Work

This part comes back to the health aspect—not taking a summer vacation can seriously impact your work performance. You’ll be less able to focus at work, and more likely to fall behind with your tasks and general work-life balance. Stress in general is one of the worst pressures on work—so get rid of it with a summer vacation!

Summer Vacation is Good for Your Wallet

The biggest excuse to not taking a summer vacation is that it costs too much. But here’s a secret: it doesn’t have to. A simple weekend retreat, or even a trip somewhere you’ve never been before nearby, has similar effects to the ones we’ve mentioned.

With that being said, our summer vacation rentals at Ricki’s Place are affordable, and fun for the whole family—including your pup! Not sure where to have your family reunion this year? We think you should create life long memories with your loved ones here at Ricki’s Place! Come spend that summer vacation with us, and enjoy all the benefits of taking some time off.

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